You gotta groom it, to grow it!

There is this common misconception that most of us have that in order to grow your hair you have to leave it alone. Hands up who has been told to put down the straighteners, step away from the curling wand or leave off our hairdryers. Well, don’t……

It’s exciting right? Finally, a hairdresser is telling you it’s ok to wield your GHD’S once more and it truly is (so long as it is a ghd of course! Biased? Me?) Take a look at the ends of your hair, do they look smooth and polished? Are they tapered, blunt or neat? If so well done you, you must have been to TRESS recently. If not don’t feel bad, you’re not alone in this category. Most of us have had a split end or two (ok two hundred) in their time. That’s not news. But here’s something that is, those split ends are more than likely caused from everyday wear and tear and NOT your styling habits. Actually your styling could help to prevent them. Yep #lifechanger

When we wash our hair and let it dry on its own accord or *cringe* tie it up wet the hair is at its most vulnerable and the outer layer of the hair shaft is exposed and open. Effectively sitting upright sort of like scales of a fish if they were brushed back. These “scales” then have a Velcro effect on each other. The individual hairs grip together and then as the hair moves, swishes or is jostled around even when tied up they pull apart, essentially splitting the hair. This then continues to happen over and over as the hair isn’t smooth.

IMG_5445(the difference between “Velcro” ends and smoothed/straightened ends)

But what makes the hair smooth? Well let’s see. There’s the no brainers- Get regular trims, check. Don’t over bleach or colour your hair, check. Invest in some good (salon quality) haircare products and tools, check. These are never going to change nor should they, but ultimately you need polished ends to avoid the Velcro effect and to get that you need a blow-dry babes… be it D-I-Y or a salon job both will smooth those ends and put you on the way to long locks that are the envy of all…. And you can take my word for it. Yep cause I’m an expert but also because I religiously blow-dry my hair every time its washed as well as use a styling tool on it every day and let me tell you, if I had a dollar for every time someone has asked me if my hair is “all mine” or touched it convinced that the length meant I had extensions. Well, you know how it goes… I don’t think I’d be writing this blog let me put it that way 😉

IMG_0193        (Your at home essentials for healthy groomed hair)

So pick our brains, your hairdresser has all manner of ideas and tips for blow-drying at home and we would love to share them with you and show you the quickest and easiest way. And although I know I don’t need to tell you twice because who doesn’t love a perfectly styled hair flip, but it’s time to get drying ladies. Even if your gal who like’s your hair up, have a go drying it first (pretty please) even just a quick blast off is better than nothing, not only will you have that great hair feeling but your hair will love you for it… Promise!

Until next time,

Estelle x


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