Yes we have a fantastic new terrace for you to sit on and relax whilst the colour in your hair is doing its thing. You can even chill there while the kidlets, wifey or hubs get their hair cut. Or if you want to just come hang out, Our terrace is the place to “process” this summer!


But in all honesty it wasn’t entirely a selfless bid to provide a new hairdressing experience for our wonderful clients (that’s you) but was born when the boss (that’s me) decided in order to deal with turning 30 I needed to throw a party but also needed to not ruin my floorboards at home. So the creation of the TRESS terrace was decided.

Now I’m not entirely a patient person, I know, shocking right?! So after a few weeks of designing, planning, shopping and ….. building! Yes building, (thanks Dad and the hubby) in the rain might I add, our courtyard was complete and after a debut in early December its now all yours to enjoy.

The day we built was planned and booked in for weeks, so we weren’t going to let a few drops of rain stop us (even if by a few drops I mean the wettest November day in like 5 years… soz Dad) never the less, it was an early start for the boys and our team to get the pavers down. One of our TRESS clients was actually doing Yoga in the building behind and said she kept getting asked to stop looking out the window by the instructor but couldn’t help it as the entertainment we were providing was too good.

Let me set the scene, 3 big guys sludging around in the sand taking orders from a 5 ft nothing know it all (aka yours truly), I was the one sporting the umbrella cause I had just done my hair that morning. There was also Tommy our resident “bloke” who very kindly offered his support and direction from the doorway hand on hip, the one that wasn’t holding his coffee that is, Georgia was there too but was too busy admiring the eye candy that is her boyfriend our labourer for the day and of course Jayde our perfectionist who had to make sure all the pavers were straight, even and in line…I wont even tell you how many times she got down to check if they were moving, lets just say it was a few 😉

But alas even with 4 hairdressers doing their best to “help” we manage to complete the courtyard on time and it was a huge success. There’s a few cheeky shots below and on insta, make sure you check it out @tresshair

And don’t forget to get your spot on the Terrace during you’re next visit at TRESS.

Until next time,

Estelle x

IMG_9053                   IMG_9136



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