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It’s not uncommon to be at TRESS and hear either one (or all) of us singing, laughing or chattering away. In fact, you’re highly likely to catch Tom grooving out the back with Jayde and Georgia in fits of giggles, while I offer up a supressed smile and a shake of the head- “I don’t even want to know” is one of my favourite and most used expressions.
Warmth, fun and humour are all part of our everyday thanks to my amazing team. And if you don’t already know them or like me already love them, I want to give you a little more insight through this blog on what makes my TRESS team tick…

The TRESS team

July 2016 marks the very exciting beginning of a new chapter for one of our team. Tommy who has been working casual at TRESS for almost 2 years now has joined us on a permanent and full time basis. He is our resident male and tall person (Hooray! finally us shorty’s and are loving being able to access the products on the top shelf). Tom’s unique and vibrant character has added much to TRESS over the time he has spent with us and I am very pleased to have him here more often. With the commencement of Tom’s full time hours, we have also extended our trading times on a Wednesday till 8pm. In his own words Tom can’t wait to have “Wednesday night girlie chat’s, over a glass of wine” (for the client of course, right Tom?)

Who wouldn’t want to spend Wednesday nights with this cheeky chap?!

So naturally with that in mind it only seems fair that Tommy kicks off our Team talks interview style with Ten questions with Tom Tom. (I dare you to not love him as much as us when you finish reading.)
Stell: How would you describe yourself in three words?
Tom: “Tall, fun and ummm bubbly!” (he says with a literal bounce in his answer)

Stell: What is the nicest thing anybody has said to you, or you believe they would say about you?
Tom: “‘You would make a great Dad’, a few people have said this to me and I always think aw that’s such a lovely thing to hear. Especially as I’m broody as these days and more maternal then most of my girlfriends.”

Stell: Which fictional character is most like you and why?
Tom: “Patsy from Ab Fab. Cause she is a good time girl and always up for a laugh”

Stell: If you could eat one meal for the rest of your life what would it be?
Tom: “Moussaka… a Marks and Spencers moussaka, Ooo yum I would love that.”

Stell: What is the funniest thing you have ever done or said?
Tom: “Oh definitely when I was Misty! She was fun and I never felt so sexy. Loved trying my hand at drag for the first time for mardi gras. It needs to be said that girls really have more fun. Misty was a complete success but my ‘tuck’ was amateur at best. More work needed next year on a lot of things especially the heels. Girls I now feel your pain. How do you do that?”

Tom as “Misty”

Stell: What is your favourite type of style to do in hair and why?
Tom: “a big sexy blow-dry with lots of height, I know it’s not always in but big hair on a woman is like a mane on a lion grrr”

Stell: What are the first three things you think of in the morning?
Tom: *laughs…. “Food and Sex of course. The man things first, we always wake up hard and hungry. I guess then peeing? It depends on the morning but it’s always those things in any order, primal instincts kick in as soon as I open my eyes”

Stell: What’s your favourite type of music?
Tom: “London house music” (he says with arms pumping in the air)

Stell: Who is your hair idol?
Tom: “Jordan” (aka Katie Price) “big hair and big boobs, enough said”

Stell: What are your 5 must have hair and beauty products?
Tom: “Pureology 21 spray is my go to I use that every day on my clients and me. Tinted moisturiser, a good eye cream for sure. Hairspray, got to have some good old hairspray.” (He literally sits for like 3 mins thinking then says, very excitedly) “and a good Scent, when you walk past someone and you want to eat them, they definitely have your attention!”

Always a smiling and happy face in the salon.

As always Tommy keeping it real and candid, couldn’t have scripted it better.
Now to go and convince/coax one of the others in to answering my questions for the next Team talks…. Who will it be?
Until next time,
Stell xx

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