Everyone keeps talking about Hair Contouring….

Ok, you can contour with the best of them. Your make-up definition and highlight game is so strong you’re pretty much a Kardash. And we’ve all sold our right arm at Mecca only to end up perfectly equipped with an entire arsenal of products that have no chance of fitting in our morning routine and only get to make an appearance on the weekends and in the obligatory Insta post! #flatlay
This is the reality though. Whenever contouring is mentioned we automatically think of timely make-up tricks that we normally forgo in order to get on with the daily grind… “Sorry face some simple bronzer is going to have to cut it today, those shirts aren’t going to iron themselves/the bus isn’t going to wait or the kids don’t care if my bags are on my shoulder or under my eyes” You get the gist there just never seems to be enough time.
But what if you didn’t have to do all this work on your face daily to make those cheekbones pop, bring out the colour of your eyes or balance out a wide forehead? What if an expert could do this for you and every day your face is accentuated to make to most of your best features, whilst also flattering your natural skin and eye tone? Well, it’s time to get excited, because Hair Contouring is here! And to be honest it will probably be the best thing you will ever do to your hair…. Like legit!
Hair contouring is the latest innovation and trend taking the hair and beauty industry by storm. It’s been on the radar since 2015 but is increasing in popularity and easily emerging as 2016’s most solid hair “do”.
Hair contouring as you can imagine is different for every person. There is no set way to apply the colour as there is no 2 faces exactly the same. The result, is an artfully designed play on light and shadow that when strategically placed (usually though a combination of balayage, on scalp colouring and foils) perfectly frames your face! Whether you use It within your usual hair colour or as a total change the principles and idea behind contouring can be applied or adapted in any way to ensure the best result possible with as little or as much maintenance as you desire.

Of course not being someone who is happy to miss out I put my hand up to try out this new technique. I’m just a real team player like that 🙂 After a consultation and face analysis we determined that my face is an “oblong” shape and in order to reach the desired “oval” that my Instagram crushes have, we opted to use the L’Oreal professionals Horizontalization (while not a word it’s a thing… apparently) technique. To achieve this we apply highlight on the sides of my face and in front of the ears- this draws the sides of my face at the cheekbones outwards- we then left shadow and depth through the roots and the back/nape- this created what we call a dark echo to frame the jaw. These colour changes are not too far outside of my normal colour process, we placed some pieces in slightly different areas but overall it is totally something I would normally consider having done, in fact I love it.
Have a look for yourself at the below picture you can easily see the oblong look of my face in the before (left side) and whilst not noticeably wider my face in the second picture appears more proportionate and not as long.

stell contouring
Well you can colour us (tehe) sold and as you can see we are having great results in salon.

bree contour process

So make sure you ask your TRESS stylist about this new dimension in colouring on your next visit… who knows it could be the chin lift you’ve been looking for.

Until next time,
Estelle xx

Team Talks..

It’s not uncommon to be at TRESS and hear either one (or all) of us singing, laughing or chattering away. In fact, you’re highly likely to catch Tom grooving out the back with Jayde and Georgia in fits of giggles, while I offer up a supressed smile and a shake of the head- “I don’t even want to know” is one of my favourite and most used expressions.
Warmth, fun and humour are all part of our everyday thanks to my amazing team. And if you don’t already know them or like me already love them, I want to give you a little more insight through this blog on what makes my TRESS team tick…

The TRESS team

July 2016 marks the very exciting beginning of a new chapter for one of our team. Tommy who has been working casual at TRESS for almost 2 years now has joined us on a permanent and full time basis. He is our resident male and tall person (Hooray! finally us shorty’s and are loving being able to access the products on the top shelf). Tom’s unique and vibrant character has added much to TRESS over the time he has spent with us and I am very pleased to have him here more often. With the commencement of Tom’s full time hours, we have also extended our trading times on a Wednesday till 8pm. In his own words Tom can’t wait to have “Wednesday night girlie chat’s, over a glass of wine” (for the client of course, right Tom?)

Who wouldn’t want to spend Wednesday nights with this cheeky chap?!

So naturally with that in mind it only seems fair that Tommy kicks off our Team talks interview style with Ten questions with Tom Tom. (I dare you to not love him as much as us when you finish reading.)
Stell: How would you describe yourself in three words?
Tom: “Tall, fun and ummm bubbly!” (he says with a literal bounce in his answer)

Stell: What is the nicest thing anybody has said to you, or you believe they would say about you?
Tom: “‘You would make a great Dad’, a few people have said this to me and I always think aw that’s such a lovely thing to hear. Especially as I’m broody as these days and more maternal then most of my girlfriends.”

Stell: Which fictional character is most like you and why?
Tom: “Patsy from Ab Fab. Cause she is a good time girl and always up for a laugh”

Stell: If you could eat one meal for the rest of your life what would it be?
Tom: “Moussaka… a Marks and Spencers moussaka, Ooo yum I would love that.”

Stell: What is the funniest thing you have ever done or said?
Tom: “Oh definitely when I was Misty! She was fun and I never felt so sexy. Loved trying my hand at drag for the first time for mardi gras. It needs to be said that girls really have more fun. Misty was a complete success but my ‘tuck’ was amateur at best. More work needed next year on a lot of things especially the heels. Girls I now feel your pain. How do you do that?”

Tom as “Misty”

Stell: What is your favourite type of style to do in hair and why?
Tom: “a big sexy blow-dry with lots of height, I know it’s not always in but big hair on a woman is like a mane on a lion grrr”

Stell: What are the first three things you think of in the morning?
Tom: *laughs…. “Food and Sex of course. The man things first, we always wake up hard and hungry. I guess then peeing? It depends on the morning but it’s always those things in any order, primal instincts kick in as soon as I open my eyes”

Stell: What’s your favourite type of music?
Tom: “London house music” (he says with arms pumping in the air)

Stell: Who is your hair idol?
Tom: “Jordan” (aka Katie Price) “big hair and big boobs, enough said”

Stell: What are your 5 must have hair and beauty products?
Tom: “Pureology 21 spray is my go to I use that every day on my clients and me. Tinted moisturiser, a good eye cream for sure. Hairspray, got to have some good old hairspray.” (He literally sits for like 3 mins thinking then says, very excitedly) “and a good Scent, when you walk past someone and you want to eat them, they definitely have your attention!”

Always a smiling and happy face in the salon.

As always Tommy keeping it real and candid, couldn’t have scripted it better.
Now to go and convince/coax one of the others in to answering my questions for the next Team talks…. Who will it be?
Until next time,
Stell xx

You gotta groom it, to grow it!

There is this common misconception that most of us have that in order to grow your hair you have to leave it alone. Hands up who has been told to put down the straighteners, step away from the curling wand or leave off our hairdryers. Well, don’t……

It’s exciting right? Finally, a hairdresser is telling you it’s ok to wield your GHD’S once more and it truly is (so long as it is a ghd of course! Biased? Me?) Take a look at the ends of your hair, do they look smooth and polished? Are they tapered, blunt or neat? If so well done you, you must have been to TRESS recently. If not don’t feel bad, you’re not alone in this category. Most of us have had a split end or two (ok two hundred) in their time. That’s not news. But here’s something that is, those split ends are more than likely caused from everyday wear and tear and NOT your styling habits. Actually your styling could help to prevent them. Yep #lifechanger

When we wash our hair and let it dry on its own accord or *cringe* tie it up wet the hair is at its most vulnerable and the outer layer of the hair shaft is exposed and open. Effectively sitting upright sort of like scales of a fish if they were brushed back. These “scales” then have a Velcro effect on each other. The individual hairs grip together and then as the hair moves, swishes or is jostled around even when tied up they pull apart, essentially splitting the hair. This then continues to happen over and over as the hair isn’t smooth.

IMG_5445(the difference between “Velcro” ends and smoothed/straightened ends)

But what makes the hair smooth? Well let’s see. There’s the no brainers- Get regular trims, check. Don’t over bleach or colour your hair, check. Invest in some good (salon quality) haircare products and tools, check. These are never going to change nor should they, but ultimately you need polished ends to avoid the Velcro effect and to get that you need a blow-dry babes… be it D-I-Y or a salon job both will smooth those ends and put you on the way to long locks that are the envy of all…. And you can take my word for it. Yep cause I’m an expert but also because I religiously blow-dry my hair every time its washed as well as use a styling tool on it every day and let me tell you, if I had a dollar for every time someone has asked me if my hair is “all mine” or touched it convinced that the length meant I had extensions. Well, you know how it goes… I don’t think I’d be writing this blog let me put it that way 😉

IMG_0193        (Your at home essentials for healthy groomed hair)

So pick our brains, your hairdresser has all manner of ideas and tips for blow-drying at home and we would love to share them with you and show you the quickest and easiest way. And although I know I don’t need to tell you twice because who doesn’t love a perfectly styled hair flip, but it’s time to get drying ladies. Even if your gal who like’s your hair up, have a go drying it first (pretty please) even just a quick blast off is better than nothing, not only will you have that great hair feeling but your hair will love you for it… Promise!

Until next time,

Estelle x



Yes we have a fantastic new terrace for you to sit on and relax whilst the colour in your hair is doing its thing. You can even chill there while the kidlets, wifey or hubs get their hair cut. Or if you want to just come hang out, Our terrace is the place to “process” this summer!


But in all honesty it wasn’t entirely a selfless bid to provide a new hairdressing experience for our wonderful clients (that’s you) but was born when the boss (that’s me) decided in order to deal with turning 30 I needed to throw a party but also needed to not ruin my floorboards at home. So the creation of the TRESS terrace was decided.

Now I’m not entirely a patient person, I know, shocking right?! So after a few weeks of designing, planning, shopping and ….. building! Yes building, (thanks Dad and the hubby) in the rain might I add, our courtyard was complete and after a debut in early December its now all yours to enjoy.

The day we built was planned and booked in for weeks, so we weren’t going to let a few drops of rain stop us (even if by a few drops I mean the wettest November day in like 5 years… soz Dad) never the less, it was an early start for the boys and our team to get the pavers down. One of our TRESS clients was actually doing Yoga in the building behind and said she kept getting asked to stop looking out the window by the instructor but couldn’t help it as the entertainment we were providing was too good.

Let me set the scene, 3 big guys sludging around in the sand taking orders from a 5 ft nothing know it all (aka yours truly), I was the one sporting the umbrella cause I had just done my hair that morning. There was also Tommy our resident “bloke” who very kindly offered his support and direction from the doorway hand on hip, the one that wasn’t holding his coffee that is, Georgia was there too but was too busy admiring the eye candy that is her boyfriend our labourer for the day and of course Jayde our perfectionist who had to make sure all the pavers were straight, even and in line…I wont even tell you how many times she got down to check if they were moving, lets just say it was a few 😉

But alas even with 4 hairdressers doing their best to “help” we manage to complete the courtyard on time and it was a huge success. There’s a few cheeky shots below and on insta, make sure you check it out @tresshair

And don’t forget to get your spot on the Terrace during you’re next visit at TRESS.

Until next time,

Estelle x

IMG_9053                   IMG_9136



What’s on the blog?

So, it’s not enough that we have you as a captive audience for a minimum of 1/2 an hour when you come visit us, we now want to be able to chatter away when your not here too….

Since both myself and my super helpful, talented TRESS team love to not only talk and share our knowledge with you, but also love to talk and let you know about what’s been happening both in our salon and in the industry. We decided why not start a blog?! There is also the fact we like to talk too, did I mention that?

Through this blog we hope to give great tips, make you smile and also deliver a little of our famous TRESS warmth and buzz to you wherever you are.

Don’t worry I’ll try my best to keep it short and sweet, there’s nothing like getting to the point. But lets face it, anyone who has ever had a convo with me knows I’m reaching on this point, I do love a good story.

So happy reading TRESSettes, thanks for taking the time to check in. Here’s hoping you enjoy hearing all our “Omg’s yes’s”  the “love it dolls, did I tell you about this too” or the very common “Amazing you need to get it in your life” moments that are so much a part of TRESS and we cant wait to share with you.

Until next time,

Estelle x